When it comes to fashion accessories, you can never go wrong with a well-chosen bracelet.

Whether you’re going out on a casual evening with friends, a power lunch with your business partners, a relaxing stroll in the park, or a family event, a bracelet does wonders to complete your ensemble and offer purpose and hope to those in at-risk communities around the world.

And we’re not talking about precious metal or precious gem bracelets. 

Strips of leather or canvas carefully woven and braided together, colorful plastic and glass beads stringed to form an intricate pattern, hammered stainless steel, brass, or aluminum bangles, or a simple strip of repurposed copper wire wrapped with a fun leather accent go beyond providing an immediate flash of fashion. 

The stories behind these beautiful and artsy pieces are a poignant reminder of the harsh realities some people are forced to live in.

Behind these bracelets with a cause is a young person in an at-risk community rescued from human traffickers. Behind each intricately braided piece of nylon and strip of leather are hands and a spirit, working to rebuild their life. Behind each colorful piece of plastic or glass bead are tears that have been shed over a life that was swallowed up in danger.

It’s easy to dismiss these pretty little baubles as they sit on their neat shelves in department stores or as their pictures pass through our computer monitors and mobile screens. But they’re not like any other piece of jewelry or fashion accessory. They each represent freedom, love and empowerment for the person who made them.

But if we understand that with each of these bracelets with a cause we buy, we’re also helping a young person attend school instead of working in a brothel in Cambodia. We’re helping put food on the table for a family in Haiti. We’re helping an individual in Guatemala support an ailing parent with employment so they can provide medicines and proper healthcare. We’re helping young and innocent lives escape their dark and bleak pasts and fulfill their dreams of a better and brighter future.

So the next time you choose to wear the Silver Hope Bracelet or the Bana Bangle to go with your executive jacket, or when you decide to stack the Mini Cruz and the Arc as you head out for dinner and drinks with friends, or choose to wear the Confetti or the Boho when you go run a few errands…

Know that you’re not just making a fashion statement…

You’re saying “NO” to the trafficking of people around the world. You’re saying “NO” to a predator victimizing the vulnerable.

And at the same time, you’re saying “YES” to expanding education, healthcare, employment and healing opportunities for individuals around the world.

And at the end of the day, this message invoked by our bracelets with a cause trumps all other fashion statements any time of the day.


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