We are so proud to share that we have partnered with Seattle-based jewelry brand Astor & Orion to offer a new specialty collection featuring gold, pearls, unique beads and charms.

Astor & Orion is a different kind of jewelry brand where ethics meets aesthetics in new and surprising ways. Founded in 2018 by Karen Hartman, their designs break the mold of what is expected from a sustainable eco-brand. 

We know the power of wearing a signature bracelet and how one simple statement can help change the world. We believe the act of getting dressed in the morning is the first step in becoming a part of the change we are all working toward.

"It’s simple: our jewelry is designed to be a part of your daily ritual that reminds you of who you are and what you’re willing to fight for," said Hartman.

For more than 12 years, Noble Venture Designs has worked with artisan groups around the world in at-risk communities and we are proud to have Karen and her team alongside us as our lead designer, curator and creator of our one-of-a-kind gold and silver pieces.

Karen leads a solid design process and creates jewelry that is not only beautiful, sustainable and ethically sourced, but that benefit our artisan partners and nonprofits through design and training support, as well as opportunities for funding.

Together we are putting these ideas into practice by creating and providing a limited series of designs encompassing the following key values:

Safe Materials - We design our jewelry using materials that are safe for our customers, workers and the planet. 

Sustainable Design - We use recycled materials and materials made in America when we design and create our products so they can be easily recycled again with no extra processing. 

Ethical Manufacturing - Our design center shares our belief in the importance of protecting the dignity and rights of their workers and the local environment.

Karen will work alongside us and our artisan partners to build beautiful, trending and sustainable products as well as kinship/respectful connections across the world.

Look for these special pieces on our site here! And be sure to look for the red bead on each item!

Jen & Team Noble Venture