How does Noble Venture support survivors of human trafficking?

Noble Venture provides employment opportunities for at risk communities around the world. 

Since 2011 Noble Venture Designs (formerly 3 Strands Shop) has provided employment opportunities for survivors of human trafficking and those in at risk countries around the world. Our artisan partners produce handmade jewelry and accessories that we market, sell and distribute at noble-venture.com and in retail outlets across the U.S.

Additionally, a portion of our profits are donated to our partner organizations and as their needs arise to support their employment efforts. We also work to raise awareness around the issue of human trafficking, engaging future generations to help end it.

Do you give back/donate?

Each year, we donate a portion of our net profits to our nonprofit artisan partners.

Where are the products made?

We partner with nonprofit artisan organizations in Cambodia, Haiti, Nepal, India, the U.S., Romania and East Africa. In addition to qualifying our partner organizations based on need and fair business practices, we partner with organizations offered by Nest (https://www.buildanest.org), an organization dedicated to working alongside artisan and makers to create meaningful change for themselves, their families, and their communities.

How many artisan groups do you support and how do you select your partners?

We support between 5-12 artisan groups based on season and product offerings. 

Noble Venture provides employment opportunities for at-risk communities around the world. Every Noble Venture item transcends commerce and can be traced by to a tragedy that is being reversed. Each product is a step on a path to a proud and sustainable future for our artisans.

Each year, all artisan groups are required to submit an application to ensure they meet specific requirements and minimum criteria to partner.

Our application process and review includes consideration of the following key attributes and criteria: 

  • Hiring and Ongoing Employment Practices 
  • Opportunities for Economically Disadvantaged Communities
  • Safe and Empowering Working Conditions
  • Child Rights
  • Environmental Stewardship and Supply Chain
  • Cultural Identity

How can I learn more and support the cause?


Text: 233733


U.S. Organizations:

International Organizations:


How can I become a wholesale partner?

To share our products with your customers, please visit us at nobleventure.faire.com/user/sign-up


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