in Nov 3, 2021

When we started our work in Cambodia in 2011, we had no idea how far and wide this cause would take us. Realizing how widespread systematic issues were in other countries really inspired us to expand our horizons to more artisan groups across the seven continents. 

After our first line of Cambodian bracelets, we set out to join forces with organizations in Nepal. Similar to Cambodia, Nepal is a country that is in need of modern employment infrastructure, in large part due to its geographic disadvantage in the Himalayan Mountain Range. We soon found a small community of mostly female artisans that create brilliant handcrafted beaded bracelets!

These bracelets are each intricately woven by hand and embody the complex and beautiful culture of Nepalese communities!

With our new Nepal Mission Bracelets doing well, we set our sights to provide support to an island community closer to home. Haiti is a country that has been closely tied to U.S. international influence, yet has lacked the proper support to improve infrastructure and political stability. We found artisan partners in Haiti that provide this form of sustainable employment to its most at-risk community members. Through a unique form of artwork, these artisans create beauty out of the seemingly unusable materials around them, reflecting the resilient culture from which these pieces come from.

With our new Haitian partners on board, we set our sights on providing earrings and necklaces to our community of supporters. This is where we found artisans in East Africa. Both Kenyan and Tanzanian artisans create vibrant pieces of jewelry rich in their cultural heritage. Each set of minimalist brass earrings from Kenya are produced by female artisans in Nairobi, giving women power and sustainable income in the community they live in.

For every one of these artisans we have chosen to team up with we search for several things; sustainable employment practices, fair wages, and the empowerment of local communities through craftsmanship. 

We hope you find meaning and enjoyment from each and every piece you sport this holiday season. We hope you keep it in your hearts and remember that every accessory you wear today is empowering someone's tomorrow.

With Love & Gratitude

-Noble Venture Designs