Our newest signature line, the Guatemalan Cruz bracelet are handmade bead bracelets that come in sky blue and maroon and pink and features a flat-woven easy style for the active fashionista. These unique bracelets have been custom designed for Noble Venture and are quickly becoming our best seller this spring.

A perfect sand, surf and sun style has been designed for a day at the beach or poolside and lets everyone know you style with purpose in and out of the water. These on-the-go fashion bracelets empower you with the message to “Live Noble.”

These beaded bracelet patterns come in two sizes and are accented with a delicate silver cross accent bead. These cool bracelets go well with handmade beaded earrings or dangle earrings for a pop of style and are great bracelets for guys as well (Great Father’s Day Gift!!).

This new style will be a staple go-to accessory piece for the brand as part of an easy mix and match bracelet stack, or on its own as a delicate statement bracelet.

Noble Venture is proud to present these bracelets for a cause, as well as dozens of other string bracelet designs and string bracelets with beads.

Your purchase helps support Fair Trade practices, sustainable work and fair wages for artisans in Guatemala, a country where more than half the population live below the poverty level.Creating opportunities for Guatemalan artisans helps to generate sustainable and viable livelihoods through their craft. New opportunities, like those presented by Noble Venture, offer ongoing training support, stability and a chance to earn a livable wage in this beautiful country.

Look for new colors coming out soon on our site (pink bracelets, salmon bracelets, turquoise bracelets, crème and white bracelets and yellow bracelets). We hope you love these new bead bracelet ideas that are fun to stack!

Style tip: Double the Cruz up with the Sierra bracelet in sky blue or maroon

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