Gone are the days when fashion-conscious individuals flitted from one fad to another. Back then, making a fashion statement was more important than literally “making a statement.”


We are proud to be part of a new world that supports companies and organizations who prioritize social awareness, as well as fashion.


Noble Venture has been at the forefront of this movement with a wide variety of necklaces for a cause, bracelets for a cause, and even earrings, bags, and other fashion accessories created to support employment opportunities for those at risk around the world. These items are not only stylish but also carry a powerful statement in the fight against human trafficking and support of those in at-risk communities.

Looking at these brightly colored glass bead bracelets and necklaces,you won’t believe the impactful stories behind each piece of jewelry for a cause.

The artisans behind each of these handmade beaded necklaces and bracelets live and work in high-risk communities, and many are survivors of human trafficking. The products they create help provide sustainable employment, and hope for a future. 

So the Taino necklace you love so much is not just stylish, it’s style with purpose and hope. 

As you don your Doadoa earrings for a family dinner, you’re not just dressing up your look for family, you’re also helping put decent food on the table of a family in Kenya.

As you stack the Safari, El Sol, and Confetti bracelets before going for a walk in the park, you’re not just exuding casual charm, you’re also helping a young girl rebuild her life through freedom, love and empowerment.

This is the kind of fashion consciousness that Noble Venture aspires to cultivate - One that puts social impact first by styling with purpose. A true expression that you choose to share a meaningful message through your fashion statement.

Check out our collection of necklaces for a cause, bracelets for a cause, and other jewelry for a cause, and start sharing fashion that supports freedom.