As we finalize our 4th of July plans here in the U.S. and head into the next half of 2023, we are reminded of the unalienable rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Since day one at Noble Venture in 2011, we have been committed to providing "Freedom, Love & Empowerment" for survivors of human trafficking and those in at-risk communities by providing funding and job opportunities for NGOs and nonprofits who work daily in the fight against this evil around the world. As we celebrate freedom in the U.S. this week, we remain mindful that there are those still under the wrath of modern day slavery here and abroad. Our work is far from over. 

Recently the United States Department of State released the 2023 Trafficking in Persons Report which provides an overview of the state of human trafficking around the world and tools being used to respond and coordinate across partners--NGOs, government agencies, corporate partners, law enforcement and stakeholders--to end human trafficking and ensure survivors have the opportunity to rebuild their lives.

The full report can be downloaded and viewed here https://www.state.gov/reports/2023-trafficking-in-persons-report/ 

We are humbled by the work of all engaged in this effort, as it is far from easy and at times carries high risk. As we do our part to support survivors through job opportunities and providing funding to qualified NGOs, we are grateful to each of you who also support this mission through your support of Noble Venture. 

Enjoy the 4th of July and thank you for helping to provide Freedom, Love & Empowerment!


Jen and Team Noble Venture