For more than 10 years, Noble Venture has been proud to work alongside our artisan partner group in Nepal by providing training and job opportunities. Through the creation and sale of these beautiful "Nepal Mission" beaded bracelets, Nepalese artisans are empowered and offered sustainable employment. Since 2009 more than 5,000 women have been trained in product development skills, with more than 2,700 artisans employed since the program's inception. These bracelets for a cause are far and away our best sellers!

As one of the leading artisan groups in Nepal providing these "stretch-to-fit" bracelets, our artisan partner group has not only survived and rebuilt after several natural disasters, but has continued to financially support, train and employ those at risk in their community in Kathmandu and neighboring areas.

With a mission to rescue and employ survivors and those at risk for exploitation and marginalization, these artisans design and create our signature Nepal Mission bracelets, necklaces and accessories with seed glass beads, crystal beads using fine threading and production techniques.

When you purchase a Noble Venture "Nepal Mission" bracelet, you are providing financial sustainability, empowerment and hope for a future!

We are humbled by their diligent work ethic, creative and beautiful beaded bracelets and positive spirit and attitude. Many thanks as they continue their commitment to bring you these bright colored bracelets and fashion accessories for a cause.