in Oct 18, 2021

Noble Venture artisan necklaces are designed and made by survivors of human trafficking as well as organizations involved in preventing individuals from high risk situations. 

These beautifully crafted necklaces represent the hopes and dreams of survivors, as well as an expression of their artistry and craft. In addition to wearing as a necklace, they can be a hatband, headband or belt as well!

Each carefully woven and braided accessory symbolizes our interlocking lives with those of our artisan partners. 

Each meticulously designed glass bead pattern represents the steps that bring these high-risk individuals away from a life of chaos to a life of hope. 

Each intricately designed gold-finished brass chain embodies the interconnected effort of people who work directly with these survivor-artisans every day.

If you decide to purchase, own, and wear one of these lovely pieces of jewelry, you become part of this chain of sustainability. You become an instrumental part of a truly noble venture.

In effect, you will end up providing a support system for these artisans that will help them build their own future. You will help them rehabilitate their lives as they say hello to a brighter future. That’s what makes YOU a superhero to these survivors.

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