Noble Venture Designs was founded in 2011 by the name “3 Strands” by co-founders Ken Petersen, Scott Jacobs, Jennifer and Jim Bulotti. To celebrate the company’s 10th anniversary, 3 Strands was renamed and rebranded “Noble Venture Designs.”

For more than 10 years, Noble Venture Designs has been at the forefront of solutions in the fight against human trafficking around the world through prevention education, awareness activities around the issue, fundraising support and job opportunities for survivors.

Job Opportunities

Noble Venture’s mission is to provide job opportunities, awareness events and funding initiatives to support artisan partners around the world and organizations in the fight against human trafficking, all while providing fashionable and fun accessories and products you can wear and share.

The company started by working with a nonprofit organization in Cambodia, Agape International Missions (AIM), to create job opportunities for survivors of human trafficking. In partnership with AIM, Noble Venture created simple beaded bracelets, wax cord bracelets and a variety of accessories that provided jobs for survivors in Cambodia. Initially sold in Apricot Lane Boutiques across the U.S., we now sell hundreds of styles in more than 1,000 boutiques, spas, salons and shops, as well as online to retail customers.

Since our inception, we have provided hundreds of job opportunities for artisan partners in countries such as Nepal, Cambodia, India, Vietnam, Peru, Haiti, Guatemala, Colombia, Romania, East Africa and the U.S. It is a part of our mission to provide these partner countries with sustainability and fair wages for artisans. These artisan partners have designed and created 1,000s of beautiful and unique accessories for you to enjoy, while providing sustainable jobs and hope for a future for those in at-risk communities.

As a customer, you know that your purchase goes beyond being a fashion statement, but that it gives back to those who desperately need independence and jobs in their community.

Just Venture Nonprofit Work

In addition to the fashion accessory brand, the founders of Noble Venture also founded a nonprofit, 3Strands Global Foundation, to provide prevention education, engagement opportunities and fundraising to support anti-trafficking initiatives in the U.S. For more than 10 years, 3Strands Global Foundation has provided prevention education to approximately 750,000 students while serving more than 445 survivors and at-risk individuals in U.S. communities. More than 20,000 individuals have been mobilized through advocacy, outreach and events to support the issue. Today, 3Strands Global is a growing team of advocates who have chosen to do something incredible to prevent this from happening to our greatest gift -- our children.

As Noble Venture continues to grow, so will our “Just Venture” program, our ongoing funding initiatives and fundraising support for qualified nonprofit and artisan partners that support education, rescue, restoration and reintegration (employment) opportunities in at-risk communities.

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