in May 20, 2022

Many of you are big fans of our Noble Venture because of the beautiful and trending beaded bracelets and wax cord bracelets we design and create with our partners from around the world.

I’d like to share what that one beautiful bracelet means, beyond being your go-to fashion accessory.

A little about our history and how we were founded.

In 2010 we worked with our partners at Agape International Missions (AIM) to provide jobs for survivors of human trafficking who were rescued and restored through AIM’s amazing programs. Our co-founders, Ken Petersen and Scott Jacobs of Apricot Lane Boutique, worked with the team at AIM to create a job program for those who had been rescued and restored and were needing a transition or bridge job to become independent and free from the life and shackles of sex trafficking in Cambodia.

Ken and Scott, in collaboration with AIM, helped develop 3 Strands (now Noble Venture), a company with a mission to provide job opportunities for survivors of human trafficking in Cambodia. Ken and Scott helped AIM build the employment facility and the vision, and then provided distribution of fashion accessories and products created by the survivors at AIM’s restoration center. Their first boutique partner was their own company, Apricot Lane Boutique.

With more than 100 locations nationwide Ken and Scott were able to provide immediate distribution for 3 Strands/Noble Venture products—providing independence and hope for a future for hundreds of survivors of human trafficking. They rallied all of their franchise owners, and to this day, Noble Venture products from Cambodia, and now around the world, are sold at Apricot Lanes across the U.S.

Each Apricot Lane boutique creates a unique adventure and shopping experiences that captures the look and vibe of its local area and the region’s customers. The founders of Apricot Lane continue to be incredibly dedicated to the work of Noble Venture, so be sure to check out your local Apricot Lane, or follow on Facebook and Instagram!

Now that you know our ”origin story,” a little about our “why.” We founded Noble Venture to provide job opportunities for survivors of human trafficking and to create a brand that gives back to communities around the world. Key elements of our core values and vision include:

Job Sustainability

We chose to work with community members who are survivors or those who are at risk of being trafficked to provide sustainable jobs and a way out of the life of trafficking. By producing products that are handmade and representative of the character and creativity of the individuals and their culture, we have created a stream of ongoing jobs and revenue to support our partners while providing beautiful products that are in demand and selling well through our retail partners or on our site.

We are constantly working on new products to sell, as well as new retailers and online ideas so that these jobs can continue to be sustainable and fruitful for our survivors and those at risk.

Skills Training, Fair Wages and Healthy, Empowering Work Environments

It’s important to note that in order for those who have been exploited or are at risk to be independent and free from the threat of being trafficked, they must be offered the right work environment to continue on their path of healing.

We work with partners who are dedicated to our expectations with regard to training opportunities, skills development, fair wages and healthy work environments. Additionally, we expect that our partners also offer grace and flexibility with their employees to ensure each person is given time to heal in an environment that is loving, understanding, respectful and supportive.

We have carefully selected our artisan partners and work with their leadership teams and a referring/sourcing organization to ensure compliance with Fair Trade equivalent standards. Our application process and review includes consideration of the following key attributes and criteria:

· Hiring and Ongoing Employment Practices

· Opportunities for Economically Disadvantaged Communities

· Safe and Empowering Working Conditions

· Child Rights

· Environmental Stewardship and Supply Chain

· Cultural Identity

With employment at the core of our mission, we are proud to represent our partner organizations.

Social Impact

As a social impact company, Noble Venture works with partners and nonprofits to share awareness around the issue of human trafficking to help take the lead in prevention, rescue, restoration and reintegration efforts.

Since our inception, we have used the phrase, “Everyone Can Do Something” to help end human trafficking and we work in communities to raise awareness and engagement around the issue to help individuals and groups identifying what their ”Do Something” is. From selling Noble Venture products to hosting fundraisers and awareness events, our team locks arms with those committed to the cause and how their impacts can truly make a difference.


Although providing employment and resources to support survivors and those at risk is critical to reintegration into a community and self-independence, Noble Venture is also committed to giving back to our nonprofit artisan partners. We do this in several ways:

  • Direct fundraising through sponsored events and initiatives
  • A percentage of net sales donated annually to partner artisan groups
  • Support, mentoring and volunteering with partner nonprofits to raise funds and train on sustainability and opportunities for growth

You can be assured that every purchase you make not only helps provide a job for the person who created it, but also extends and gives back to their organization to support their viability and growth.

We are proud of our team and our artisan partners who have come alongside us through sacrifice and commitment so that Noble Venture can continue to do the good work at making a difference in this cause space. But more importantly, none of this can be done without you, our committed customers who have made the choice to share Freedom, Love & Empowerment across your community.

How Can I Be a Part of Noble Venture?

We hear this question a lot.

Continue to support brands that give back and make a social impact. You have a lot of choices in this world, especially with regard to your choices in fashion and retail. It means so much to those of us committed to a higher purpose and helps drive the engine to grow goodwill and change in our world.

Let us know if you think someone you know, or a retailer should sell Noble Venture products. Like you, boutique, spa, salon and shops want to do good when making their buying decisions, and the Noble Venture brand story is so compelling for their customers. It can actually change lives.

Become a brand ambassador. We work with individuals who help us share and sell products as volunteers or as paid sales representatives. Direct message us on our site if this sounds like you!

Care, wear and share our products! Follow us on social media provide reviews and take pictures as you journey and venture into the world. It helps lift our artisans and their great work, and truly shows the world that your ventures are Noble :-)