in Oct 28, 2021

Many organizations that work in the field of “products with a purpose” explain their mission as simply “We will give back ‘said percentage’ for every purchase.” While this is great for the short term, it is not a sustainable business model for the artisans on the other end of the statement.

At Noble Venture, we recognize that it is not only the money that matters in these communities, but the sustainability that these jobs provide for the future. It is our mission to ensure that these artisans make money for themselves and their family and are recognized as important in the construction of a community.

There is not much said about what happens to communities after businesses stop paying back a portion of their profits. It is our long-term goal for these communities to be sustainable so that they do not need to rely on organizations to donate in order to put food on the table. If these communities are relying on donations, then they are constantly worried about the day those donations end. We at Noble Venture do not want these communities relying on fickle businesses to support their families.

This is why we support artisan groups around the world that set up businesses to ensure the sustainable and consistent flow of money through their own skill sets rather than donations. While donations are a great way to support at-risk communities in times of need, they are often less reliable than teaching these young men and women a skillset that they can take with them wherever they work for the rest of their lives. 

Cambodia is a perfect example of how these skills create communities. In Cambodia, we support artisan businesses that both rescue survivors of human trafficking, and teach them useful techniques to be able to support themselves without relying on someone else. 

Not only is this important for the community, but it is also important for the individual. Many artisans in these high-risk communities find themselves in terrible situations simply because of a lack of opportunity of purpose. At Noble Venture Designs, we ensure that the opportunity to create purpose in the world is always available and marketable to our audience in the United States.

When you purchase an accessory from Noble Venture, you're not just picking out your new favorite bracelet, you’re providing a purpose for each and every artisan that found their calling in the opportunity you just provided.

So from our team at Noble Venture, we want to say thank you for supporting these young men and women to build their community, confidence, and faith in the future.